ERLARS 2009 - 2nd International Workshop on
Evolutionary and Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robot Systems

Information for Authors

Papers are to be submitted in the PDF format and prepared using the style guide below. The workshop's proceedings will be published on paper and on CD-ROM. Each participant will receive a hardcopy of the ERLARS proceedings, as well as a CD with the proceedings of all IROS 2009 workshops.

Springer Book Chapter

Authors of the best articles accepted at ERLARS 2009 will be invited to submit an extended version of their article as a book chapter in an edited book in the Springer Studies in Computational Intelligence. This has already been confirmed by the series editor. More details will be given later.

Double Submission Policy

You are welcome to submit a shortened or extended version of your IROS article to the ERLARS workshop. We have raised the page limit to 10 pages, which means you can add additional experiments and/or other material that is useful for the discussion of your method in our workshop. Please specify the dual submission during the submission phase. As a workshop author you will also maintain the copyright of your paper so that you will be able to publish the ERLARS 2009 article elsewhere afterwards. You will, however, be required to sign a form allowing us to include your paper in the workshop proceedings.

Formatting and Style Guide

Paper Types

We solicit two types of papers for the ERLARS workshop: Regular Papers and short Position Papers. Regular papers are the standard way of publishing research results and algorithms with discussion of related work and experimental validation of your method (where applicable). Position papers are meant for the publication of work at the initial stages and for research statements you wish to discuss at the workshop. The formatting and submission procedures for both types of contributions are the same, except that regular papers may be 10 pages in length, while position papers are limited to 4 pages. While position papers may be short, we still expect them to be written in a scientifically grounded and sound way, with proper references to related work etc. By having two types of papers we wish to encourage you to discuss preliminary work with a scientific community at an early stage. We also cordially invite students to submit their current work to ERLARS.
When writing an article for the ERLARS 2009 workshop please follow the instructions given on the corresponding IROS page for formatting the article. While you do please remember to use the correct paper size (Letter vs. A4), e.g. in the dvips command (for LaTeX users). Please note, however, that the submission for the workshop is different to IROS in the following ways: If your article is accepted at least one author will need to register for the ERLARS 2009 workshop for the article to appear in the proceedings.
If you wish to add additional information, e.g. a video, to the submission this is possible. Please contact us before the submission deadline by e-mail so that we can try to accomodate your needs.

Review Process

Every article submitted to ERLARS 2009 will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the programme committee, to ensure a high-quality workshop with interesting contributions. The selection criteria include relevance to the workshop, accuracy and originality of ideas, quality and significance of the results and clarity of the presentation.

Submission of Articles

The submission of articles is done through our online submission system.


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